Christine’s book – If Knocked Down Get Back Up Again

book-230x300    In this book I share how God got me from where I was in the past to where I am today, and how He wants to do the same for you!  Discover how to partner with Him throughout our journey of life.  He will lead us down the pathway of victory and enable us to overcome obstacles and beat the odds.

Nobody’s suffering is in vain or wasted.  Even though life isn’t always easy, there is definitely a light at the end of the tunnel and all things can work together for good!  Jesus is the hope of glory, so there is always hope.  He wants to take us from the deepest valley to the highest mountaintop because we are destined for greatness.  God has a beautiful plan and purpose for each of us and our lives.

I also share how God has miraculously touched and blessed me and has done for me what no doctor could do.  Learn how he wants to be our Daddy because of what Jesus did for us on the cross.  Be reassured that our God is a God of grace, mercy and unconditional love, who is not looking for religion, but is longing for a close personal relationship with each one of us individually.

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